About us

Groups at the CRG's Bioinformatics and Genomics program perform research in Biology using computation. Focus is on Genomics and Evolution.

We use computation as a means both to interrogate and to model biological phenomena. We use existing tools, but we also design and implement novel computational tools and databases, and we are also interested in basic research in algorithms.

The Groups at CRG's Bioinformatics and Genomics Program have strong collaborations with the CRG's Bioinformatics core and with other experimental groups at the CRG. We believe that it is at the intersection between Experimentation and Computation that the Biology of the XXIst century will be edificated, and at the program we have our own experimental laboratory.  

We have also strong collaborations with the Research Group of Biomedical Informatics (GRIB, from the UPF-IMIM, http://grib.imim.es), and with the computatational genomics groups at the GRIB, we form the computational genomics cluster at the PRBB (http://genome.prbb.cat).