Computational Biology of RNA Processing

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    • RNASeq,
    • nucleosome prediction,
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    • gene prediction,
    • encode,
    • bioinformatics,
    • annotation
Group leader:  Roderic Guigó

Research in our group focuses on the investigation of the signals involved in gene specification in genomic sequences (promoter elements, splice sites, translation initiation sites, etc…). We are interested both in the mechanism of their recognition and processing, and in their evolution. In addition, but related to this basic component of our research, our group is also involved in the development of software for gene prediction and annotation in genomic sequences. Our group also actively participates in the analysis of many eukaryotic genomes and it in involved in the NIH-funded ENCODE project. Furthermore we are members of two large cancer-studies consortia (chronic lymphocytic leukemia "CLL" and Breast Cancer -Hospital del Mar/CRG/Roche-).  These are some of the other projects we are currently involved in:

    • Gene Prediction/Genome Annotation

    • Genome-Wide Search for Selenoproteins

    • Methods for RNAseq (NGS) data analysis

    • Development of methods to analyze the relationship between chromatin and splicing

    • Long Noncoding RNAs with Enhancer-like Function in Human Cells

Installing programs and modules needed by Selenoprofiles

This page covers the installation of programs and modules used by selenoprofiles (profile-based gene prediction in genomes, you can find it here). Since I encountered some problems installing or running them in some computers, I created this page to help whoever will run in the same problems, this being to install selenoprofiles or not. All installations here refer to Unix systems. I will go through: blastall, exonerate, genewise and the python modules networkx, fpconst and SOAPpy.

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