Predictor of protein-RNA interactions

Fast predictions of RNA-Protein interactions and domains


Online services: catRAPID



Please note:

Query sequences  should be pasted in the 'Protein sequence' and 'RNA sequence' text area

The catRAPID server accepts only amino acid and nucleic acid sequences, defined as lines of sequence data, without the FASTA definition line, sequence identifiers and/or other symbols; eg:



General guidelines are reported here below:

1. Use one word to identify your protein and your RNA

2. Use standard IUB/IUPAC amino acid and nucleic acid codes. 

The nucleic acid codes supported are:

A  adenosine; C  cytidine; G  guanine; U  uridine.

The accepted amino acid codes are:

A  alanine; C  cystine; E  glutamate; D  aspartate; F  phenylalanine; G  glycine; H  histidine; I  isoleucine; K  lysine; L  leucine;

M  methionine; N  asparagine; P  proline; Q  glutamine; R  arginine; S  serine; T  threonine; V  valine; W  tryptophan; Y  tyrosine.

3. Blank lines are not allowed in the middle of sequence input (no spaces or next line)

4. Use of sequence identifiers, such as simply accession, accession.version or gi's (e.g., p01013, AAA68881.1, 129295) is not supported in the protein and RNA sequence fields.